Morgantown Ave.

Phone: 304.363.9333

Our Address

201 Morgantown Ave Fairmont, WV 26554

Monday-Friday 10am-8pm inside

Lion in the Sun Locust Ave Salon located at 1313 Locust Ave
Is Open Saturday & Sunday
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm

Phone 304.363.9333


Our Beds

Level 1

Ovation 3400-Level 1

The Ovation 3400 series is one of the best selling commercial tanning beds of our time! No wonder; striking good looks, and designed for maximum comfort. 34-100 watt lamps gives this bed a 15 minute maximum exposure time.

Level 2

2M Stand Up-Level 2

Americas favorite stand up that our customers just love. The 2M Stand Up Lamps produce an excellent, all over tan in a 9 minute session.

Level 3

Ovation 5400-Level 3

The Ovation 5400 series is designed for comfort! 12 Minute Max, 120/160 Watt Lamps & 3-400 Watt Facial Lamps!



The Encore series delivers unmatched Fast, Deep, Dark Tan with Intense 11 Minute Max Session, 160 Watt Lamps & 4-500 Watt High-Pressure Facial Lamps!

Pura Sunless
Designed to deliver uncompromised solution onto the body, it features three spray heads that are strategically placed to do just that. Not only do the spray heads not interrupt each other, they also facilitate better atomization and delivery onto the body. Plus, the comfort drying air is also placed and aimed to perfectly complement the entire process and avoid tan-ruining things like vortices and irregular air-flow patterns.
The end result? A tan that looks three times better.


We can get you in and out of the booth in less than five minutes. We’re talking full prep, tan and dry. When it’s done, you walk out knowing you’re going to look your best—in no time!